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Posted on 18 jan 2016

Hi Guys. My new video is from today avaiable on youtube, vimeo and dailymotion. This video is very rare and for my newest track Alladin On Drugs released on Heart Tech. This video is showing us what great culture is coming to europa and how much they can give us. All who is thinking that sex with animals is ok, that abuse on womens and animals is ok, abuse on other religions is ok is in my eyes an idiot. If someone is talking about that earth is not a globe and that sun is spinnin around earth this ok? IQ 15. Muslims go home and leave europe. Here is no place for you bastards. Where are your womens? Why they staying home and fighting in war. Fuck you bastards. Our womens in europa are no umbrellas!!! And i dont want to fuck with animals or don't need to splash acid on womens head. Leave us and go with your stupid religion home, we don't need your religion here.

Alladin On Drugs...HEART TECH

Posted on 12 jan 2016

My new track Alladin On Drugs is avaiable out now in all stores on a compilation called Groove My Heart with great other tracks. Out on HEART TECH RECORDS. Don't miss this compilation. Enjoy!

Lorenz B - Towards Victory (Andy BSK Remix)

Posted on 9 jan 2016

Hi Guys. My newest remix is now on my soundcloud, youtube, vimeo and dailymotion profile avaiable. It will be released on UNIVERSAL MUSIC EMOTIONS in january 19. So listen or watch my newest work and support me with buy this track. Its only a single release with one track. And don't forget, with every purchase of my tracks will i be more cars, more houses, airplanes .....LOL. So don't wait longer and buy my music. Enjoy to waste your money on my shit LOL.

...and one more time.

Posted on 24 dec 2015

So one more time again. This Year was really good and between great number of releases, remixes and compilations started i a new vinyl label with first vinyl release CENTRIFUGE EP that coming to us in january, february 2016. ...and we did it again together and the next christmas is here. I am happy to be with You all, my Fans, here and wish You all MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. Hope You all will be with me in the next year too and we can together give something to this world. Good music, good feelings and VINYL. God Bless You All.

JUMP ON Remix finally out!!!

Posted on 14 nov 2015

Finally my remix for Digital Knecht is avaiable in all good digital stores for download. The whole EP called JUMP ON is released under TECHNO DEAF RECORDS and contains four tracks. One original mix, my remix and remix from Matt Day and Hardclash. What should i say? NICE EP. Great work guys! Enjoy!


Posted on 2 nov 2015

So Guys. Long time no info about upcoming vinyl release. I buy today 400 pressings of CENTRIFUGE EP 12". Whohoooo!!! On the first centrifuge vinyl will be four tracks, one original mix and remixes from Goncalo M, G8 and Wyrus. I think that at the end of november will i have the first pressed vinyls home. So stay in touch. More info comming soon.

New videos online

Posted on 22 oct 2015

I am very happy to bring you all some new videos. First of all are here three new videos from my new EP called EYE CONTACT i worked with JUPI on it. Video SENTINEL, SENORITA REWORK and SISKY REWORK are great and i hope you all will love them. Next we have here two great videos to my two remixes from INNER UNIVERSE, great music from anime Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. In these videos are footages from the anime and i really like them both so i hope you all will love them too. You can watch them on my vimeo, youtube and my dailymotion channel or just click here on my site on VIDEO and watch them here. Share these videos with your friends or just on your social sites to show me some love from your side. Enjoy!

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